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Small Classes With a Maximum Of
7 Students Ensures a Personal Setting
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Located in Norwalk, Connecticut, The Eddie Nino Art School offers small classes with a maximum of 7 students, which provides a personal setting in which students of all levels learn both fundamentals and advanced concepts of drawing and painting. Individual time with the instructor facilitates a more thorough learning experience and faster results while proceeding at the student's own working pace. This time proven learning approach has been giving students a solid core that has enabled them to draw or paint confidently and without hesitation.​​​

Through instructor feedback, weekly demonstrations, lectures, and yearly assessments, attendees have a complete learning experience.

Classes are ongoing and candidates join the group at anytime during the year.

Lesson Plan Options:

Intro Unit
( for beginners to intermediate students)
The student is introduced to basic drawing exercises and tools using graphite pencils and charcoal. ​

Unit 1 Fully Structured Classical Atelier

A relaxed and methodical process of working on drawing and painting accurately focusing on accuracy and realism. A common practice is the use of plaster casts, still lifes, and the Bargue plates.

Unit 2  Semistructured Realism
A flexible approach to Unit 1 where the student not only focuses on technique and accuracy but also in the exploration of other mediums and loose approaches. 

Unit 3 Experimental Realism  The student learns both realist and abstract methods to focus on self expression. Projects range from single to multiple sessions.

Unit 4  Young artist Program Teens learn all fundamentals on shading, proportion of the figure and face, color theory, and individual projects from both life, imagination, and memory.